Verizon Hillsboro

Project Name: Verizon Hillsboro
Project Location: Hillsboro, OR

AUE provided the structural design, detailing and construction support for this single story 42,000 square foot facility in Hillsboro, Oregon. The building houses administrative offices, shower rooms, kitchenettes, mechanical rooms, switch rooms, control and security rooms, battery rooms and support areas such as shipping.  This building was designed as an essential facility using exterior CMU walls, steel columns and beams, steel trusses covered with a concrete topped metal roof deck.  The concrete on the metal decking was required to provide both wind uplift resistance and to transfer extremely large horizontal shear loading due to seismic forces.  The roof structure also supported three levels of auxiliary framing systems used to carry cable weights from 75 psf to 125 psf.  To account for the large point loads from the hanging auxiliary framing system special trusses were designed to allow for point loads to occur at any location.   Very large clear span areas were required in the design so that no columns were located in the switch rooms or power rooms. 

AUE received a 2009 Hammurabi Award of Merit for Design and Use of Masonry for the Hillsboro MSC.

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