Flatiron Sky-Line

Project Name: Flatiron Sky-Line
Project Locations: New York, NY

In late 2016 AUE teamed up with LOT, an award winning architecture and design firm with offices in New York and Greece, in the annual Flatiron Public Plaza Holiday Design Competition organized by the Van Alen Institute and the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership.

The winning entry, the Flatiron Sky-Line, is a landmark spatial installation engaging passersby in an intimate interaction within and around it. White tubular steel arches define an outlined trapezoidal galleria at the footsteps of the Flatiron building. Each of the arches is lit along its whole length, a smoothly transitioning lighting effect from daytime to nighttime transforming the look and experience of the installation while making it highly visible from a distance and from above.

White net hammocks hanging from each of the arches invite the public to embrace the Flatiron Plaza skyline and immerse into the constructed tranquility of the Flatiron Plaza – skyline gazing, socializing, contemplating, and experiencing the surroundings.

AUE was indispensable in creating an installation that was virtually seamless and which could easily be erected and deconstructed at the public space in New York City and subsequently at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec.

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