April14 Update

Hello from AUE

Message from Principals: Brian Unsderfer, Bill Armour, Alex Habliston, Shalini Prochazka, and Mitchell Beck

We at AUE offer our support and wishes for a safe and quick recovery. As we go into our 5th week working remotely, we reflect and thank our team for a job well done. They have responded quickly to continue providing great customer service to our clients.

Over the last several weeks, AUE has been quite productive. We have successfully and quickly adapted to working remotely and engaging with clients virtually. When the team was working in the office, they created a strong internal collaborative environment. We are continuing our team collaboration through social virtual gatherings and internal team meetings. The administrative team has ensured we have technology needed to productively work remotely as if in the office. The team has jumped in, ensuring they stay within legislative guidelines, and offered to attend local site visits when needed.

As this situation too shall pass, we look forward to our continued working relationship. Be safe!