Vince Camuto – Flat Iron

Project Name: Vince Camuto – Flat Iron
Project Location: New York, NY

The Vince Camuto retail store in the Flat Iron district Manhattan is a historical building that demanded the preservation of the exterior and updates in the interior. Two challenges were presented in the modification of the interior space.

At the entry, AUE was given the task to provide support for an air curtain unit where. The main criteria was to hide support for unit so that the transition of the ceiling at the entry towards the main retail of the store would be seamless. Due to limited headroom and unavailability of access to floor above, the unit has to be hung within an allowable space. AUE provided solution to integrate both existing and new structures to support the unit without compromising the integrity of the finished appearance and headroom.

At the rear of the building, AUE task was to provide an opening in the floor for access to the basement below. Due to the age of the building, some deterioration of the existing structures were observed. Unable to rely on the existing structure for support, AUE provided design utilizing a post and beam system for the opening. Additional design requiring repair of existing structures were provided to integrate both system for a seamless finish.

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