Odin’s Temple of the Tiger, Six Flags

Project Name: Odin’s Temple of the Tiger, Six Flags
Project Location: Vallejo, CA

The Six Flags Temple of the Tiger exhibit consisted of several displays focused around a Tiger show. The displays included an entry portico, a free standing facade which served as the main back drop to the exhibition, an observation booth, an exhibit pool and a pool / water fall. In addition, we designed netting supports, rails and climbing structures for the tigers. The majority of the exhibits were shotcrete with reinforcing. At the main facade, an old wild west show facade was used as a background to shoot the new stone faced wall.  This project was located in Vallejo California and so all exhibits had to meet California seismic code as well as function as a convincing exhibit. The drawings were created using concept sketches by Six Flags in Google Sketchup. AUE provided a full structural construction set based on these concept sketches and the clients verbal input.

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