Shoreline Water District

Project Name: Shoreline Water District
Project Location: Shoreline, WA

The Shoreline Water District new office building is a single-story, wood-framed structure, and featured several unique design challenges.  Exterior structural wood trusses were designed to resist roof loads at the two-story atrium and at the portico entrance at the new lunchroom.  In addition, the client’s request for flexibility in floor planning resulted in a minimum number of smaller, high-strength wood shearwalls that minimally restricted the available interior space.  To comply with the architect’s desire to shelter building occupants as they enter and exit the structure, AUE designed a cantilevered steel wing-shaped canopy that both welcomes visitors and anchors the exterior public space to the building.  The overall design was simple, cost-efficient, and visually appealing. This project is currently under construction.

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