Seattle Aquarium Harbor Seal Exhibit Expansion

Project Name: Seattle Aquarium Harbor Seal Exhibit Expansion
Project Location: Seattle, WA

AUE provided the design and detailing of the Harbor Seal Exhibit Expansion at the Seattle Aquarium in partnership with Bios, LLC, Turner Construction, and Mithun. One of the more unique design issues addressed during this design was to determine the force of a large aquatic mammal against the side walls and acrylic extensions. The design of the 4 inch thick acrylic panels increased the tank capacity by 26% to 32,540 gallons and increased the water depth to 6 feet while maintaining the original base slab and piling. In addition to the tank design, AUE provided the structural design for the expansion of the dry haul-out area for the Harbor Seals which included a significant cantilevered slab off the top of the new tank wall, gunite boulders, and framing for the viewing area around the tank. The grand opening for this exhibit was Saturday, June 1, 2013. Photos courtesy of Doug Sharp of Mithun.

Please click the following link to see the Harbor Seals enjoying their space by live webcam!

Seattle Aquarium Harbor Seal Live Cams

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