Salal Credit Union Stairs and Opening

Project Name: Salal Credit Union Stairs and Opening
Project Locations: Seattle, WA

The Salal Credit Union Headquarters Stair addition was a technical challenge based on the field conditions. Although the stair structure itself was fairly simple and elegant structurally, the new opening to transport between the 4th and 5th floor presented many obstacles. The floors for this building are post-tensioned concrete pan joists spanning as far as 50 feet. These joists frame into concrete girders and continue on each side. AUE was charged with the task of cutting out several PT pan joists without impacting the remaining floor. AUE addressed this problem by adding new heavy steel beams on the short side of the span next to the new opening to counteract the large uplift created by the 50 foot adjacent PT joists. The floor was shored, tendons released in the new opening area and the beam was installed. After the concrete was re-poured and locked into the new beam, the tendons were re-stressed effectively loading the new steel beam in uplift. This complicated design and construction was completed without a hitch and the new opening was created.

In addition, AUE provided structural edge support for the new opening, the stair structure, glass railings & support and railing post supports.

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