Richard Mille

Project Name: Richard Mille
Project Locations: New York, NY

The projects’ scope consisted of new elements such as openings for a glass elevator, a hanging pit at the ground floor, and a stair to the second level. We also provided the design for the stair, bridge, and their support.  At the second level, the existing floor was cut back and a new curved section was framed to create a curved entry overlook.  AUE-NY designed the structure as well as the glazing support for the railing. Other services comprised of floor leveling, interior soffit designs, and an access area in the ceiling.

We had the opportunity to utilize our glazing expertise to design a new, large, two-story glass feature with a 3D watch etched within for effect.  This feature was designed with the lower floor glazing mounted off of the first floor, and the upper panes hanging from the third floor above.  The design had to support the glass in such a way as to prevent movement due to air pressure as well as prevent damage when the building deflects.  In addition, our design accommodated a glass mantrap at the entry of the store.  Other glass elements included special cracked glass fins with a floor to ceiling perimeter on the first and second floor. 

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