Project Name: REI
Project Location: Nationwide

AUE has been providing structural engineering services to REI nationwide since 2007. Our design services include major renovations to both interior and exterior of building, additions, prototypical storefront and interior fixture support. The exterior renovations are anchored in the design of REI’s signature storefront tower which includes its Signature Trellis that defines the brand. Our work with REI has set the precedence for efficiency and collaborative effort in a set of working drawings between the owner and architect.

Vertical Transportation

REI has a certain feature stair style they prefer to connect between the upper and lower retail floor.   We have been instrumental in helping to develop these details using heavy steel shapes to create an outdoorsy / industrial look.   In several cases, we have added elevators to the space.  In one case, the building in question was a pile supported structure.  AUE used existing grade beams to support the new elevator pit saving the need for adding expensive piles to the interior of the project.


We helped create, strengthened, and modified mezzanines on several stores.  Typically REI has a large floor opening at the center for connecting the upper retail.  AUE has created details to cost effectively create these type of spaces.

Storefronts & Tower

AUE has created extensive storefront modifications and tower elements that are the hallmark of the REI brand.  These elements can create tricky issues that must be closely analyzed to avoid related structural problems such as new snow drifts and increase wind and seismic loading on the building.