Pittsburg Zoo

_4_thumbProject Name: Pittsburg Zoo
Project Location: Pittsburg, PA

The Pittsburgh Zoo project involved the design of six new exhibits while reusing the existing facilities to the greatest degree possible. The original structure had a significant amount of corrosion in both the exhibit tanks and the support areas. Since these elements were partially supporting the existing building structure and the building was built into a large hill it was determined that we needed to save large portions of the existing tank structure to minimize the overall costs. To accomplish the restoration of the corroded concrete the damaged sections of concrete were removed, cathodic protection was installed, and added reinforced concrete sections were installed. The result brought new life to the building and allowed the addition of six new exhibits. The new Pennsylvania Introduction Exhibit had cascading water down into a flowing “river” section. The new Penguin Habitat included both swimming areas and dry areas matching their native landscape along with three display tanks approximately five feet deep. Several small tanks were constructed for habitats from Asia and the Americas. A large “hands-on” tank that allowed for touching Rays was installed that included glass panels to allow for underwater viewing. The aquarium also added two new large exhibits; the 7,500 square foot tropical rain-forest/river and the 10,000 gallon salt water reef and deep ocean tank. The tropical rain-forest included both natural foliage as well as large artificial trees constructed of concrete which made a realistic setting for the fresh water dolphin tank. The large saltwater tank has multiple windows for viewing at strategic locations in the tank, two of which are over 20 feet high.