Numerica Richland

Project Name: Numerica
Project Location: Richland, WA

AUE was commissioned to design the new Numerica Bank branch that sits majestically in a newly developed parcel in the community of Richland. The challenge presented was to provide a building of simplicity that is clean, rectilinear and vernacular. Additionally the design minimized the amount of exposed structural connections, interior and exterior, to continue the concept of simplicity.

The branch is located where wind speeds of 110 mph is part of the code requirements. This created a challenge where the roof at the North end cantilevered up to 8 feet beyond the perimeter of the building wall. To resolve the uplift component of the roof, oversized steel columns and footings along with masonry walls were used while maintaining the architectural aesthetic.

Kerf plates in conjunction with customized bent plates were used for the connections of most structural elements in the interior to achieve a structural connection that was easily hidden by architectural elements.

A “piano shape” storefront that incorporate a folding door at the main entry is an important feature of the client’s concept. To provide support for the “piano shape” folding door, segmented tube beams were designed by welding each segment together to accommodate the curvature of the storefront.

The open floor plan was a main criteria in the interior of the building. To meet this criteria, Glu-laminated beams were designed to spans across the space in both directions while utilizing above kerf plate connections to maintain the seamless flow of the structure as demanded in its concept.

A concrete masonry tower was designed at the North end of the roof to incorporate multiple functions for both disciplines of design. Structurally it was designed as a lateral force resisting element and also for support of gravity loads. Architecturally it provides screen for the mechanical units so it could maintain that clean rectilinear image and act as a focal point where the sign for the bank will be placed so it can be seen from a distance.

AUE was able to meet all design criteria and deadlines without major compromises or delays.

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