National Hockey League: Seattle Ice Centre

Project Name: National Hockey League: Seattle Ice Centre
Project Locations: Seattle, WA

AUE provided the design and detailing for the exterior wall framing of the future Seattle NHL facility. It contains two community hockey rinks to help promote the future expansion of the sport in the Seattle region.

Our services include the exterior framing which was designed to support CMU veneer systems and metal panel systems. The building contained large clear spans between support points which provided a challenge to provide a stiff wall framing system to resist damage to the brittle wall finishes. This project provided some challenges as all storefront framing was support from hanging exterior wall framing from the floor above the adjacent wall framing. Careful coordination was required to provide proper vertical movement joints between wall framing systems support at varying structural levels. The design of the exterior cladding system also had to account for large floor to floor drift movement induced by wind and seismic loads.

National Hockey League

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