Metal Stud Showcase



AUE understands clients’ and installers’ needs when designing and detailing metal stud projects. Over the last seventeen years, we’ve provided efficient design & detailing with seamless interaction & collaboration in our light gauge steel framing.    
National Hockey League: Seattle Ice Centre
Seattle, WA
The future Seattle NHL facility contains two community hockey rinks that will help promote the future expansion of the sport in the Seattle region.

Our history goes back to notable projects such as in the Seattle Seahawks Virginia Mason Athletic Center, Nintendo of America Building and more current projects such as NHL Seattle, Washington State Convention Center Addition, University of Washington Campus Hall, and a 38-story office tower urban village.

Washington State Convention Center Addition
Seattle, WA
Future addition to the Washington State Convention Center will expand the center to a six-story building.

Common considerations our projects include are:  

  • Exterior wall and soffit framing to support cladding materials like metal panel, brick, stone, glass, and wood.
  • High-level of detail for large spans that take costs into consideration.
  • Variety of framing and panelized systems.
  • The complexity of exterior and interior features.
  • Provide proper detailing to accommodate building drift from wind/seismic loads.­­­

The Urban Village at 2+U
Seattle, WA
A 686,000 square foot office tower in downtown Seattle with two connected towers of 19 and 38 stories that are set on a series of Y-shaped posts that rise above an urban village.

In addition, we pride ourselves on being a strong team member for the success of the client.  Check out our portfolios and these highlighted projects on our website.

University of Washington, Foster School of Business – Founders Hall
Seattle, WA
Future 6-story institutional building that will provide instructional, research, communal, meeting, and office spaces for undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty at the University of Washington.

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