First Romanian Pentecostal Church Sanctuary

Project Name: First Romanian Pentecostal Church Sanctuary
Project Location: Kenmore, WA

AUE provided the full design and detailing for a new 8,700 square foot sanctuary addition to the existing wood framed structure as well as significant support through construction to assure that the completed building met all the structural requirements. The existing church was a partial two story structure with an existing sanctuary that was removed for the new addition. The new sanctuary structure was attached to the remaining portion of the wood framed building so that no seismic separation was required. The new sanctuary was constructed with clear span steel trusses to create a pitched roof and truncated top with gable end walls. Using the steel trusses allowed the owner to obtain the desired column free interior space. The perimeter walls extend quite high on the gable ends and are constructed with steel framing and infilled with metal studs. The lateral resistance to wind and seismic loading is provided by steel braced frames. The interior floor of the sanctuary was constructed with a combination of wood framed platforms along with a concrete slab on grade with integral sloping and steps to obtain the required elevation changes. The remaining portion of the wood framed building was also remodeled and strengthened to match the requirements of the final architectural layout.

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