Cabela’s Calgary

Project Name: Cabela’s Canada
Project Location: Calgary, Ottawa, and Abbotsford

AUE was the engineer of record for the ground-up design of the 70,000 square foot freestanding retail stores in Calgary, Abbotsford and Ottawa. Abbotsford and Ottawa were based on the prototypical structural drawings also developed by AUE, while Calgary was a stand-alone design. The prototype and the full design for the Abbotsford and Ottawa locations were created using Revit, and each included “live” details and “static” details. The prototype also included two full Revit models with alternate exterior wall construction methods; one using insulated concrete forms (ICF) and the other using Pre-cast Panels. Calgary drawings were produced in AutoCAD due to its non-prototypical design. All three locations consist of bearing type footings. Due to local construction cost differences, the Calgary store used ICF exterior walls whereas the Abbotsford and Ottawa location utilized precast concrete exterior walls. The roof systems utilized steel joists and girders as well as steel beams. In addition, the main entries were designed with large structural wood trusses to create a warm entry, as is common with the Cabela brand.

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