AUE attends Mapei Seminar

We are always looking for value in new ways of using exotic materials on projects. AUE uses fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) extensively in the highly corrosive aquariums such as Seattle Aquarium.

On February 25th AUE Principals, Alex and Brian, attended a seminar presented by representatives of Mapei on concrete corrosion causes, techniques to protect against corrosion, and FRP strengthening of concrete structures.

The use of FRP to strengthen concrete structures is an innovative technique that allows the engineer to increase the strength of a concrete structure, column, beam, slab, wall, etc., without adding heavy steel members due to the high tensile strength of the fibers. The other advantage to FRP is that the repair profile is significantly smaller than more traditional reinforcement techniques. The seminar addressed installation techniques and suggestions on ways to better detail a repair to produce a solution that is both elegant and easy to install.


Click here to see the seminar flier!

Seattle Aquarium