AUE Announces Leadership Team Additions



For 15 years Shalini Prochazka has invested much time and energy in supporting AUE’s growth.  Her proven ability to design large and complex projects, efficiently run a team of engineers and drafters in completing projects on time, and working with owners and architects to achieve their designs makes her a strong contributor.  In addition to her skills she is patient and a thoughtful mentor to other engineers which leads to a great addition to the leadership team. 

Shalini’s determined passion for engineering is witnessed through her involvement with SEAW  (Structural Engineers Association of Washington) Seattle Chapter, WABO/SEAW (Washington Association of Building Officials/Structural Engineers Association of Washington), and Women in Structural Engineering (WiSE) committee.  In-depth knowledge of the industry from design through construction provides her ability to meet the goals of the client.  Her time working as a regional engineer for a structural product supplier has given her a great deal of insight into the needs of construction to allow for more thoughtful designs.

We are pleased she is joining Bill, Brian, and Alex as a partner in continuing to build a successful company.


“I feel fortunate to be a part of the AUE family. I respect and love working with such a great team and am thrilled for the opportunity to continue growing with AUE.”  Shalini Prochazka


Since 2014 Mitchell Beck has developed an extensive knowledge base at AUE and earlier this year he joined the leadership team as Associate Principal.  His clear communication and ability to creatively design solutions focused on the needs of the client leads him to continually bring projects to successful completion.  What sets him apart is his thirst for ensuring AUE’s attitude toward “Client First”. Early in his career, Mitchell had the ability to understand structures and how the loads need to be supported. This understanding allowed him to progress into designing complex buildings at an extremely fast pace. His technical knowledge is wide-ranging with varying material types, including wood, hot-rolled & cold-formed steel, concrete, and masonry.  Mitchell has always used a combination of practicality with an in-depth knowledge of the building and design codes to produce the best outcomes in his projects. 


Please join us in congratulating them on this great success. 

We enjoy learning about our clients

and their needs. Please feel free to

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Bill Armour,
Brian Unsderfer,
Alex Habliston,
Shalini Prochazka,
Mitchell Beck,