April 24th Social Hour

GO … Zags! Hawks! Ducks! Uts! Huskys! Niners! Cougs! Yanks! Madrid! Even though sports are on hold we can still root for our favorite teams.

Last Friday’s social hour theme was sports. The best virtual background was from Simon. He was sporting the AUE Ski to Sea 2017 team photo. It was fun reminiscing the event.

We approached the Sea to Ski event looking for fun, which we definitely WON.. where we landed on the finish score card… well we had fun!!

The participants: Laura, John, Cameron, Drew, Mitchell, Simon, and Alex were AMAZING! The support teams: Bill, Michelle, Brian, Solomon, and participant families rooted them LOUD and STRONG along the way.

These social hours bring us together. During these times we share ways we’re keeping ourselves busy during this crazy time, such as Kim making masks for local hospitals, but also opportunities to remind us we are a strong team ready to weather out any storm.

Keep Safe! From all of us at AUE; Brian, Bill, Alex, Shalini, Mitchell, Cameron, Boyd, Eusonh, Scott, Avinash, Dylan, Brett, Simon, Laura, Raja, Drew, Solomon, Michelle, Kim, and John.

April 24th Social Hour

2017 AUE Ski to Sea Team